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The Vampyre Witch

Musings for the Arcane and the Profane!

About The Vampyre Witch

Jessica’s Story

As a practicing witch for almost 20 years…

Lady Lovelace’s base of knowledge spreads over a vast array of principles. Through her youth as a Wiccan, she learned a strong foundation for her practice but as she grew older, she grew out of such dogmatic systems. For many years later as a solitary, Lady Lovelace traversed paths that explored Norse Heathenry, Celtic Druidry, Hellenism, Khemeticism, Chaos Magick, Faery Witchcraft, Vampyre Magick and so much more. That list grows the more time goes on. This journey has led her to begin to explore esoteric vampyrism through the lens of traditional witchcraft.

As a former special events security leader of over 10 years, I was sworn to guide and protect people through their personal journeys with self expression. Now, as the leader of my own esoteric organizations, I’ve sworn the same oath to the metaphysical & vampyre community. Through dedicated research, a lot of trial and error, and a practical mindset, I have vowed to share credible information along with my personal experiences with the world.


That decade+ of experience taught me so much.

Through this experience, I have guided so many people through their repressed traumas, their unsolved dramas, and demons they didn’t even realize they had. The perspective I’ve been given through my unique experiences has proven invaluable and something I’ve been fortunate enough to earn through on-hands field experience that many others will never have.

Since 2017, I have been entrusted with several roles within the vampyre community:

Through my personal journey, my professional practice, my leadership experience, and now my priestess path… I have had the privilege of developing an array of skills and talents that are are only learned through hands on experience. Things that can’t be taught through classes or books.


In 2019 I left the events and security life behind. It was time for me to turn my public servant duty towards esoteric communities.

Being a full time professional witch has been a dream of mine since I was very young. I decided it was time to take my power and put it towards my own dreams.

Through my work as a professional vampyre witch, I have dedicated my time to developing products and resources for the vampyre community, grey witches, left hand path practitioners, etc. There’s enough love & light in the world, we need more things for our kind.


My life took a hard left turn when I left the events & security industry… so much happened yet my mission remained the same.

✔️ I am still making my life work on my terms.

✔️ I am still helping people and carrying out my life’s purpose

✔️ I live my best vampyre witch life every day carrying out the goth dreams of my youth.


If I can align with my true purpose and make my dreams come true, so can you.

…and I’m here to help you achieve it!


The Vampyre Witch

Can you feel the vibrations from the messages being sent to you through the æther?


Let me help you decipher them!

The Vampyre Current is there, all around you… right within your reach.


Do you know how to find it?


Do you know how to tap into it?


Do you know how to shift your consciousness into a vampyric state?


Let me help you tap into your apex self so you can realize your highest potential far quicker than you ever imagined.



Consult with The Vampyre Witch using the following types of services:

Custom Spellwork

One of a kind spellwork plans

Psychic Readings

Create a regular psychic readings plan or dive further into a topic discussed in your new client session

Spiritual Guidance

Spiritual guidance and companionship to help you navigate your journey. Life coaching for Vampyres & Witches.

Other Services

We have a unique set of services available to suit all needs


[coming soon] Enroll in Courses offered by The Vampyre Witch!


[coming soon] Enroll in Courses offered by The Vampyre Witch!


Immerse yourself into our thriving vampyre community both online and off!


Immerse yourself into our thriving vampyre community both online and off!

Wouldn't you like to lean into your Apex side?

Learn the ways of the Vampyre


Glamour Magick Explained


Power and Leadership skill building.


The Arte of Seduction


The arte of Vampyrism is a song and dance with the concept of control. Control of one’s own primal nature. Control of their own energy and the energies around them. Control of your circumstances through effort, magick, and the ability to manipulate “coincidence” in your favor. Once you take back control over yourself and your own life, growth and success will follow suit.

Energetic Sorcery

Mastering energy

Luxury & Wealth

Utilizing your vampyric nature to get ahead in life

Shape shifting

Shapeshifting your spirit.

Apex Predator

Deprogramming your human conditioning and invoking your predatory nature to streamline yourself to success.


Vampyric Maleficium – The knowledge you need when someone truly wants to fuck around and find out. Maleficum is defined as “an act of witchcraft performed with the intention of causing damage or injury.” It is wise to know the basics of baneful magick so you know how to recognize it, how to use and, or how to combat it.


Strength comes in many forms for the Vampyre. It’s not just brute force and physical strength. Strength also comes in the form of resilience, perseverance, wit, and mental fortitude. By invoking your vampyric spirits you invoke an inner strength that is unmatched.


Wisdom is not just knowledge. It’s not just the compacting of trivia into your brain. Discernment is wisdom. Being in touch with what you don’t know and being able to decipher exactly where you are in your journey is wisdom. A Vampyre intrinsically knows what it is they need to continue forward on their journeys. Where does yours lead? Perhaps you’re at a crossroads? Book a session with me and lets explore the possible paths!

Balance & Stability

Without balance, there is chaos. We see it in life, we see it in the movies, we see it all over the place. When one’s life goes out of balance things can be an absolute mess. Learn to find balance in your life so you can live your best vampyric life intune and in harmony with your surroundings.

Let me help you learn about all of this and more


Take your power back, take your life back!



If you give the time and effort to master these techniques, I can guarantee you will see drastic improvements in all parts of your life! Once I dedicated myself fully to this path, everything in my life turned around. Now I want to share these secrets with you.

With Love,


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Vampyre Witch?

A Vampyre Witch is an individual who practices both the arte of magick and the practice of real vampyrism.

Do you really think you're a vampire?

No, I do not think I am a vampire. A vampire is an undead creature from media, myth, or folklore. A Vampyre is an individual who practices energetic sorcery on a molecular level.

The different spelling is a lot like the difference between magic and magick. Magic is stage performance whereas Magick is witchcraft. Vampire is not real, Vampyre is real.

Can you turn me?

Well, you see… turning doesn’t work like the movies. However, where most vampyres will flat out tell you no… I will say that I can help you learn to tap into the vampyric current. You can absolutely 100% improve your life using vampyric techniques and traditions.

Why pick The Vampyre Witch readings?

Read this to make sure you get the most out of your reading!

You have Prohibited Topics & Questions for your readings?

Absolutely. There are certain topics that are off the table when it comes to my services.

Childbirth/Pregnancy – I will not do readings regarding if/when you will get pregnant.

Specific time predictions – “When will I meet my soulmate? How long until XYZ happens? What Month/day/year will XYZ happen?”

What is Spiritual Guidance?

Spiritual Guidance is the act of using one’s life experience, skills, training, and their connection to the aether to provide meaningful advice regarding your personal journey. This guidance can shed light on many parts of your life, such as love, finances, career, deity and spirit connection, or any specific situation you have going on in your life right now. Perhaps you’ve been faced with a new challenge or a new direction in life? All of these topics can be addressed through Intuitive Spiritual Guidance.

Who is Spiritual Guidance for?

Spiritual Guidance is for everyone! Our type of Spiritual Guidance may not be for everyone though.

Jessica Lovelace is not known for her niceties. No, quite the opposite. Her guidance is sought after for its realness. For being the gut punch of reality that is so often needed but rarely uttered. Her style is realistic and practical. This isn’t a channel of love & light. Instead, it’s a brand of tough love that comes from a place of wanting you to grow.

If that appeals to your journey, then this is the place for you. Anyone who feels stuck and needs a little push should reach out for Spiritual Guidance. It’s silly to think one should have to go about their spiritual awakenings alone.

What kind of spellwork do you do?

I do all kinds of spellwork! Check out more info about my spellwork here

How do I book an appointment!

You can see my full booking form here

Will you teach me?

Sure! Feel free to book me for an appointment here! My New Client Sessions are a perfect way to start working with me! New Client Sessions are a hybrid divination and spiritual guidance session that is geared towards creating a spiritual plan of attack to reach your goals.