The Omnia Corvus Blessed Raven Pocket Stone


  • intelligence
  • adaptability
  • cunning
  • survival
  • partnerships
  • guidance
  • transformation
  • opportunity
  • prophecy
  • insights

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Infused with special powers and mystery, this Omnia Corvus Raven Pocket Stone is a physical reminder of all the power the Raven spirit bestows upon you. The raven is a deeply intelligent being. When the raven is your spirit guide, you are blessed with the capacity for powerful insights. If you are fascinated with ravens,  it is a sign to explore that sense of wonder. The raven can help to guide you on your soul’s journey.

The raven symbolizes intelligence, adaptability, cunning, survival, partnerships, guidance, transformation, opportunity, prophecy, and insights.

This Omnia Corvus Raven Pocket Stone has been blessed by our priestess and her Raven spirit guides. It is a physical piece imbued with the clever, cunning energy of the Raven. It helps you use your wits and see through the bullshit. It helps you make wise decisions and peer beyond the veil.


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