Small Elder Futhark Rune Dice Set


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These mini Elder Futhark Rune Dice are an easy, compact, travel friendly way to cast runes! You will receive four 6 sided dice that make up all 24 of the Elder Futhark runes. These rune dice are hand burned and therefore may vary in appearance or have some imperfections. What they lack in perfection they make up for in energy. Each die is smoke cleansed, burned with psychic energy boosting intent, and charged by selenite. If they are in our inventory during a full moon they also will charge in the full moon’s light.

ELDER FUTHARK – While the Elder Futhark is not the language used during the viking age, it is the language in which many Norse Pagans and diviners use for divinatory rune casting. \


“According to the sagas, runic inscriptions held magical powers. With the aid of inscriptions, you could predict the future, protect a person against misfortune, imbue objects with different qualities, or you could write down conjurations, curses, and spells.” – National Museum of Denmark

DICE USES – Use these dice to ask yourself things like what energy you need to focus on for the day or what lessons you need to learn and roll/cast the dice. Use one or all of them and read what comes up for you!

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