Prosperity Witch Ball – Glass


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According to old folk tales, a witch ball would entice negative entities with their bright colors and the strands within the ball would capture then and prevent them from escaping. Thus, protecting the home which houses the witch ball. House Blessing Witch Balls are used to avert the evil eye by attracting the gaze of the eye and preventing harm to the house and its inhabitants. They ward off negative spells and repel ill fortune.  Hang it by your front door, in a window facing east, in a doorway or hallway, or on your yule tree! You can also place them on a vase and use them as a tabletop decoration.

These Prosperity & Abundance Witch Balls are filled with a proprietary blend of herbs, crystals, oils, and charms to bring prosperity into your life.

Then the Abundance Witch Balls are imbued with prosperous energy, blessed, sealed, and charged under the full moon’s light.

CAUTION: Glass ornaments are extremely fragile. Please be very careful! We have plastic options if you’re looking for something a little more durable!

This is a larger sized 4″ glass ornament

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