Papa Legba Veve altar tile


Papa Legba is a lwa in Haitian Vodou, who serves as the intermediary between the lwa and humanity. He stands at a spiritual crossroads and gives (or denies) permission to speak with the spirits of Guineé, and is believed to speak all human languages. In Haiti, he is the great elocutioner. Legba facilitates communication, speech, and understanding. He is commonly associated with dogs. Papa Legba is invoked at the beginning of every ceremony.

Each one is ritually burned and sealed. Then finished with a protective sealant to keep them looking good and vibrant. Tile measures approximately 10-12cm

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HANDMADE ITEM NOTICE: Handmade altar tiles may or may not currently be in stock. If you order more than what is available it could take up to 2 weeks to receive your order. You will be notified after you order of your expected wait time for handmade items.

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