New Client Consultation


New Client Sessions are a sampler bundle of services specifically tailored to help someone find out their best course of action with us!

New Client Sessions are a highly suggested first step for all new clients of Omnia Corvus’ Magickal Services. These hybrid divination and spiritual guidance sessions are a perfect way to set yourself up with a plan of attack to reach your spiritual goals. This consultation will include one on one discussion about the reasons that brought you here and how to improve upon them, including the use of several divinatory aids to help along the way.

If you’re not sure what you need, this is your best and most economic way to schedule an appointment to discuss your needs and figure out what’s next for your journey! When you’ve booked your session, Lady Lovelace will reach out to you do sort out what mode of communication you’d like to use to discuss. There are several chat and phone options available.

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