Natural Carnelian Crystal Gemstone Pendant


  • Glamour Magick
  • Promotes Passion
  • Sexual Prowess
  • Primal Energy
  • Inspiration & Creativity
  • Courage
  • Ambition

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Gorgeous and radiant carnelian is grounding, yet invigorating. It activates the sacral chakra for emotional wellness and sexual health. It helps balance emotions and activates manifestation potential. Rediscover your creativity and passion with our Carnelian Heart Necklace. Carnelian is traditionally used to enhance passion: both physical and artistic. Aa a Sacral Chakra crystal, it is a stone of fertility and creativity, whether that be to conceive new life, new projects, or new ways to express ourselves. Feel motivated and become inspired with this Carnelian heart necklace. Carnelian healing improves ones mood and inspires creativity, it boosts physical energy and sharpens concentration. This healing gemstone heightens self-expression and provides ambition, courage and personal drive.

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