Moss Agate Crystal Skull


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Crystal Skull Type: Moss Agate

Crystal skulls can be used in witchcraft in many ways, for many things.

Crystal skulls are often used to represent ancestors, loved ones who have passed, or any other type of spirit one chooses to work with. Many witches are also animists and will therefore see that every crystal skull comes with its own unique spirit. Sometimes you can tell what kind of spirit based on the type of stone it has. Sometimes your energy will determine the type of energy the crystal skulls gives back. You can even put a spirit into the stone if that’s the type of work you do. The choice is yours and the possibilities are endless.

Most commonly, they represent your holy dead… Whomever your holy dead may be. Be it a familial spirit, a kindred spirit, a precious friend or loved one who has passed. You put your crystal skull on your altar and allow their presence to live inside of that stone. They become your ancestral companion through this stone.


Crystal Description: Moss agate is a Chalcedony stone with a splotchy green patterning that resembles moss. It can have patterns of cream, grey, and black. The shades of green can range from deep sea greens to translucent forest shades.

This particular moss agate skull took on a bit of a head injury, so his price has been knocked down to reflect his imperfect nature. But his imperfections make him unique, and you really have to look at him to be able to tell anything is wrong. Sound familiar? (ha)

Crystal Size: Aprox 2” -palm stone sized

Moss Agate Properties

  • Chakras: heart
  • Zodiac: Virgo
  • Planet: Earth
  • Element: Earth
  • Deities: Brigit, Gaia, Bona Dea
  • Magickal Influences: tranquility, balancing extreme emotions, sense of peace and patience in chaotic situations.

Moss Agate Vampyric Associations & Properties: Quelling vampyric rage, dulling of extreme emotion and other associated negative feelings one can feel throughout their vampyric journey. (if you know you know)

Moss Agate Baneful Associations & Properties**: What one can take away, one can surely give back. You can use moss agate to cause of extreme emotions. Use moss agate to ground someone into a standstill. Make them unable to lift off the ground in life.


Specific Uses For This Crystal Skull Type:

  • Represent a passed love one who was a gardener or good with plants.
  • Use to house plant loving spirits.
  • Represent someone who is beautifully imperfect.
  • Use as a visual reminder to keep your emotions in check and balanced.
  • Use to keep someones feet firmly planted on the ground.


But Remember! The use of this crystal is not bound by its properties. If you like this crystal skull because its colors are something your loved one would’ve liked, that’s okay and totally valid!

** Baneful Associations Note: Please note that because something has baneful associations it is not an inherently baneful material. Baneful associations are like reversed interpretations of an item’s metaphysical properties. These ingredients take intention to activate them one way or the other.

Crystal Size: Aprox 2” – See photos for size comparisons

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