Lapis Lazuli Pendulum & Celtic Pendulum Mat Bundle


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🔵Lapis Lazuli Pendulum & Celtic Knot Pendulum Mat Bundle🔵

Lapis Lazuli has been celebrated as a stone of wisdom and higher power since the days of the ancient Sumerians and Egyptians. Since the earliest of times, lapis lazuli has been associated with strength and courage, royalty and wisdom, intellect and truth. Lapis lazuli is a powerful stone for thinking and spirituality, and it has a very high vibration. It’s believed to increase self-knowledge and awareness of one’s own thoughts and can help you to trust your inner wisdom. Lapis lazuli spiritual properties can open your psychic abilities and empower your senses. It is a powerful stone that helps find your inner peace, intuition, and wisdom.

Because of its connection to heaven energies, and used by the ancient royal families way back, some of the lapis lazuli healing properties are believed to produce vibrations activating the mind, and influence life of more intelligence, success, and stillness of inner senses. It helps the person to be more aware, and can easily express his or her truth. It is also called as The Wisdom Keeper as it synchronizes the mind, body, and spirit. Its power can unveil your inner wisdom and enhance the connection with your inner strength.

Pendulums made of Lapis Lazuli are especially powerful as the stone connects you to the aether, the collective unconscious, and helps connect you to your subconscious wisdom and the unconscious wisdom all around you.

This bundle kit comes with 1 Celtic Knot Pendulum Velvet Mat & 1 Lapis Lazuli Pendulum

Mat measures approximately 8 x 12”

Anything else pictured is not included.

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