Labradorite Palm Stone


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In the metaphysical world, Labradorite is one of the most powerful protection stones you can get.

Labradorite gets its namesake from the Canadian region of Labrador, where it was first found. It can also be found in Newfoundland, USA, Mexico, Scandinavia, and Russia. Eskimo Inuit people and Native American Innu referred to Labradorite as a “fire stone” due to its resemblance to the fire show in the sky known as the Northern Lights. Legend has it that an Inuit warrior saw the flashing colors of the Northern Lights trapped underground in the rocks, so with all his might he used his spear to break the Northern Lights free from the rock so they could return to where they belonged. Labradorite is the leftover remnants of that light.

Crystal Type Properties:

  • Chakras: throat, third eye
  • Zodiac: Leo, Scorpio
  • Planet: Celestial Energy rather than traditional planet.
  • Element: Fire
  • Deities: Artemis, Arianrhod, Cerridwen
  • Magickal Influences: Protection, Shielding, Strength, Transformation

Vampyric Associations & Properties: Energy regeneration. Shielding and deflecting unwanted psy attack.

Baneful Associations & Properties**: Containment/Entrapment


But Remember! The use of this crystal is not bound by its properties. If you like this crystal skull because its colors are something your loved one would’ve liked, that’s okay and totally valid!

** Baneful Associations & Properties Note: Please note that because something has baneful associations it is not an inherently baneful material. Baneful associations are like reversed interpretations of an item’s metaphysical properties. These correspondences  require intention to activate them one way or the other.

Crystal Size: Aprox 3”

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