Jack-O-Lantern Witch Bells


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These one of a kind Witch Bells are an absolute must have for every witch’s home! They promote protection, luck, and positivity in your home through the use of sound, charms, and carefully selected ingredients. Historically, bells are used to repel negative energies, banish evil spirits, and replace it with positivity through sound cleansing. You can hang these bells where ever you need some extra protection. Perfect for doors/ doorknobs, above thresholds, in your sacred space, just about anywhere!

Many witches will place a set of witches bells on their front and back doors to make sure their entire home is covered.

These Witch Bells are handmade for you with protection, luck, abundance, and positive energy. They are charged on selenite when created then charged in the Full Moon if they remain in the shop’s possession through a full moon cycle.

When you receive your bells, place them on your door recite the following:

“Guard our Home, Bell on the door,
Let evil spirits come no more.
Evil spells shall not be cast,
and good fortune shall everlast.
Jack-o-Lantern, shine your light.
Bring these evil demons fright.
Make them all run away
and keep their evilness at bay.

This design includes:

Jack o Lantern: The story goes that negative spirits flee at the sight of the Jack-O-Lantern because they cower at the thought of dealing with Stingy Jack. Who is Stingy Jack? Well, he’s quite the mean and stingy fellow who managed to trick the devil himself not once, but twice! Later, after tricking the Devil twice, those tricks come back to haunt him after he dies. Since he was too mean and stingy for heaven and the devil refused to let him into hell after his trickery, Stingy Jack was doomed for all eternity to walk the cold dark wasteland of eternity, alone. The devil felt bad for the dude and threw him a burning coal from his hellfire. Stingy Jack carved himself a lantern out of a potato or turnip he had on him, and thus the Jack O Lantern was born. Demons and evil spirits know that Jack was a mean and stingy person, so the light of the lantern makes them scatter so they don’t have to deal with him.
Bells: Sound cleansing is a technique that dates back thousands of years. Sharp, sudden sounds – often metallic – vibrate on a frequency that compels the atmosphere and objects around the source of the sound resonates and neutralizes the space. There are 3 different types of bells, all made of iron and bronze. Thus, working double/triple time to cleanse the space within your home.
Skull: A common symbol for mortality and spirits. Many practitioners in the renaissance would keep human skulls as companions as they believed the skulls held spirits or were a conduit to the spirit world.
Spell Jar: For Protection, Luck, and Positivity. Ingredients: Pyrite, Rosemary, Yarrow, Chamomile, Rose, Quartz and White&Black Tourmaline.


One Set of Bells only, anything else pictured is not included.
Wreath: 3″
Length: approximately 7-9 inches long.
Best suited for indoor use only.

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