Hekate Witch Bells with Key & Pentacle


🗝️ Invoke Hekate’s Protection
🗝️ Drive off Demons
🗝️ Neutralize Negativity
🗝️ Sound Healing

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These one of a kind Witch Bells are an absolute must have for every witch’s home! They promote protection, luck, and positivity in your home through the use of sound, charms, and carefully selected ingredients. Historically, bells are used to repel negative energies, banish evil spirits, and replace it with positivity through sound cleansing. You can hang these bells where ever you need some extra protection. Perfect for doors/ doorknobs, above thresholds, in your sacred space, just about anywhere!

Many witches will place a set of witches bells on their front and back doors to make sure their entire home is covered.

These Witch Bells are handmade for you with protection, luck, abundance, and positive energy. Charged in the Full Moon

When you receive your bells, place them on your door recite the following:

“Guard our Home, Bell on the door,
Let evil spirits come no more.
Evil spells shall not be cast,
and good fortune shall everlast.
I thank you, Mother Hekate,
For your guiding light each day.
For keeping us in your embrace
and protecting this, our sacred space.”

This design includes:

Bells: Sound cleansing is a technique that dates back thousands of years. Sharp, sudden sounds – often metallic – vibrate on a frequency that compels the atmosphere and objects around the source of the sound resonates and neutralizes the space. There are 3 different types of bells, all made of iron and bronze. Thus, working double/triple time to cleanse the space within your home.
Key of Hekate: Symbolizes knowledge, wisdom, and magick. Attracts positive growth and opening of roads. Hekate is the Keeper of the Keys, Mother of Witches, The Torchbearer. She protects us and lights the way ahead of us.
Pentacle: The pentacle is a very popular symbol amongst witches. It’s a symbol that may not be used by all witches, but it is recognized by all witches. The pentacle is a representation of the elements. The four lower points being Air, Earth, Fire, and Water, and the upper fifth point represents Spirit.
Spell Jar: For Protection, Luck, and Positivity. Ingredients: Pyrite, Rosemary, Yarrow, Chamomile, Rose, Quartz and White&Black Tourmaline.


One Set of Bells only, anything else pictured is not included.

Due to the handmade nature of these bells, no two will ever be exactly alike. There will be variations in the styling of these witch bells but they will all carry the same components and hold the same significance.

Length: approximately 7-9 inches long.
Best suited for indoor use only.

CURRENT PHOTO IS OF A DIFFERENT BUT SIMILAR PRODUCT – the product you receive will be very similar. It will not contain the bee, but will instead have pentacles on it.

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