Goofer Dust – Fuck You Powder



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  • hexing
  • cursing
  • bad luck
  • misfortune
  • binding
  • negative energies
  • mishaps
  • disaster

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☠️Goofer Dust☠️

Goofer Dust is a compound that has long been used by Southern root doctors and conjurers. This is authentic blend of Goofer Dust is crafted with traditional ingredients, ready for your use. It is a recipe with baneful intentions. Truly “fuck You” dust… Use this for enemy tricks to bring trouble, harm, or discord into a foe’s life. It is alleged to Jinx an Enemy in Family, Money, Job and Health Matters. Others claim sprinkling Goofer Dust around and enemy’s home, in the yard or in the bedroom to cause Hard Luck and Trouble. This is the type of stuff you use when you wouldn’t be upset if the target died. Not that this concoction will kill, but legends say it’s not outside of the realm of possibility. Use with extreme discretion!

My blend of Goofer Dust includes: Graveyard dirt of a historical murderer, asylum dirt, brimstone powder, bat’s blood, ground up insect carcasses, snake skin, cayenne pepper, black pepper, black salt, railroad spike rust, and a proprietary herbal blend.


•Cursing & Hexing
•Bad luck
•Negative energies
•Rid an enemy that is causing you harm, stress and/or aggravation.

How to use Goofer Dust

•Place around your property, workspace or in their tracks to be rid of them and their shit.
•Dress candles by sprinkling on the top of a candle or if candle is dressed in oil already, sprinkle all over the candle’s body
•Use in a mojo/charm bag
•Put inside poppets/dolls.
•Sprinkle on photos
•Sprinkled on a person’s lawn
•Sprinkled on Sigils
•Sprinkled on Petitions
•Put in a jar spell with a person’s photo in it.


We encourage you to wash your hands immediately after handling, before you touch anything else. Even better if you can use Van Van soap or something. I’d also encourage you to remove any sterling silver jewelry items before handling it. And I’d urge you to do good spiritual cleansing after using it, since this is crossing/cursing work.


Disclaimer: Not responsible for any outcomes using my product.

Product Safety Warning
✺ Store in a safe place away from children and pets
✺ DO NOT INGEST and wear gloves when handling
Actual product will vary in color due to all materials organically collected from nature
We do not make any occult claims for Goofer Dust and sell it as only a curio.

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