Fairy Star Septagram Altar Tile


The septagram, or Faery Star, is used instead of, or with, the Pentagram by many Faerie and Celtic based traditions. The seven points represent the Sun, the Forest (or Wood), the Sea, Magic, the Moon, the Wind, and Connection (or Spirit.) It is also known as the Fairy Star or Elven Star.

This hand burned faery star altar tile has been deeply burned for a tactile feel and stunning contrast with the color of the wood. It is ritually burned and sealed, then sealed with a protective coating to keep the piece good and vibrant. Tile measures approximately 10-12cm


The five-pointed star, also called the pentagram, depicts the different directional spaces: North, South, East, West, and Above. The Faery Star expands the mind’s awareness by adding two more dimensions: Below, and Within. It is said that while the first five directions are visible and accessible to the common person, only those with fae (fairy)or witch blood can witness the additional two spaces. Notably, the land of Faerie, according to legend, can be found either Within (in the imagination), or Below (in the Underworld, most likely).

In this sense, elven stars represent heightened awareness and enlightenment even among those who do magick. There are supposedly seven steps on the path to one’s higher and more magickal self. Thus, drawing the Faery star or the elven star when one meditates or casts a spell, or wearing the symbol around one’s body as an accessory is thought to help people unlock new dimensions and new knowledge they previously had no awareness of.

Elven star in The Faery Craft 

The actual elven star is extensively used in the book The Faery Craft written by Emily Carding. The book talks about how a simple mortal can connect to the mystical world through understanding nature and meditation.

Aside from this, Carding also crafted her own symbolic meaning behind the elven star which she calls the Faery Craft Septagram. Each of the seven points reveal a direction and a quality that one must possess to do faery work which include the following:

  • Knowledge: Eastern quality from the element of air that provides the foundation for faery work. Having enough information safeguards a practitioner from his developing intuition that is bound to make errors in judgment.
  • Connection: This is the quality that comes from the Stars above us. It shows the link between all humans, nature, and the entire Universe in its inner light. Accepting this connection opens doors to a deeper awareness which is beyond the capacity of our 5 senses.
  • Trust: This is the Northern quality that belongs to the element of earth. Trust is necessary upon learning connection because it builds cooperation between and among those in the inner realms and those who want to tap faery power. Trust is not simply having the confidence towards another but also discerning who is worthy of receiving such trust
  • Honor: Trust then becomes the foundation for honor which is a quality of the Sun that can be located from within. Carding says that each person carries within us an inner sun at our very core which contains our spiritual light. This pure light allows us to collaborate with integrity with other people.
  • Magick: Only when the first four qualities are mastered, that is when the realm of Magick will open its doors to the user. Magick relates to the moon and is located below. Magick will grant us the ability to connect with those in the Otherworld to be able to implement good changes within and amongst ourselves.
  • Joy: This is the quality that comes from the West which is connected to the element of water. True joy is felt when a person can open oneself to the universe to celebrate life, existence, and adversity.
  • Inspiration: The culmination of the six qualities listed above will grant inspiration not just for self-action but to inspire others to act. This fervor and desire to lead is connected with the element of fire and the south.

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