Witch’s Black Salt


  • All Purpose Ritual Salt
  • Absorbs Negativity
  • Removes & Repels Jinxes
  • Use for light & dark magick
  • Protect loved ones
  • Useful in baneful work

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⚫ Black Salt ⚫

Black Salt should be in every witch’s apothecary!

  • It’s protective
  • it’s clarifying
  • it’s purifying
  • it’s grounding.

It has so many magickal uses, everyone could benefit from having some! Some traditions even use it for baneful magick like curses, hexes, or binding. However, it’s also used to remove such things.

  • Remove hexes and curses
  • Purge negative energy
  • Protect from psychic attack
  • Purify energy

What can you do with Witch’s Black Salt? You can:

  • sprinkle on floor and sweep out to cleanse a space
  • Tuck small bag fulls around to keep negative people and things away.
  • Place across doorways and windows for protection
  • Sprinkle around home or property for protection
  • Place under pillow to ward off bad dreams
  • Place a dish out to keep away negativity in the home and workplace
  • Toss some onto their footsteps to keep them from retracing their steps back to you.
  • Hold onto black salt and channel your inner negativity into it, then bury it to make it all go away.
  • Sprinkle it onto poppets & dolls for dark magick
  • Use as a representation of Earth Element for your altar.


Use your imagination! You can put Black Salt just about anywhere to utilize its cleansing properties. However, make sure to dispose of used salts properly!  Black Salt absorbs negative energy. So change it up, or sweep it up weekly. Ground it into the earth, throw it into the wind (away from you!), or wash it away in flowing waters. Baneful work salt should be disposed of away from your home and property.

What’s unique about our Black Salt?

 A magical blend of salt, charcoal, ashes, burnt sage, rosemary, and iron. This isn’t just any ordinary black salt, our Black Salt is ritually prepared, blessed, charged and packaged just for you!Our hand made black salts are blended in house so they will vary in color. May include small bits of plant matter. Not for culinary use. 

You will receive one 4oz reusable glass jar of our Witch’s Black Salt.

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