Bat’s Eye Talisman Protection Charm



Our Priestess will create you a:

  • Powerful Protection Talisman
  • Ward Against Negativity
  • Evil Magick Repellent
  • Breaker of Curses & Hexes
  • Protector of Person & Home

All packed into a small charm bag that you can leave in your home or carry on your person!

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🦇Bat’s Eye Talisman Protection Charm🦇

🦇This Bat’s Eye Talisman Protection Charm is a powerful source of protection against malevolent forces, negative energies, and any harm wished upon you. Bat’s Eye Protection Talismans are used to ward off curses, hexes, and evil or baneful magicks. This magickal talisman uses a component that is shaped as a bat’s eye, not a real bat’s eye. These talismans have long been used as a source of protection against harm and evil forces.🦇
Don’t be fooled by the size of this charm bag. It may be small, but it provides extremely powerful protection. Its small stature allows it to be tucked away into small spaces like center consoles, purses, pockets, or anywhere else near what you’re looking to protect.

Protection Charm Made by our priestess, Lady Jessica Lovelace

🦇This particular Bat’s Eye Talisman Protection Charm comes assembled, blessed, and imbued during the waning side of the full moon by our priestess, Lady Jessica Lovelace.
You will also receive a tiny vial of protection oil so that you can anoint the corners of the bat’s eye charm bag once a month, the day after the full moon.
When you receive your Bat’s Eye Talisman Protection Charm, you can use it to:
  • Protect Your Home: Place the Bat’s Eye Talisman Protection Charm in your home to protect it.
  • Protect Yourself:  Carry the Bat’s Eye Talisman Protection Charm with you when you feel that you need a protective shield.
  • Banish Unwanted Negativity: from where ever you keep this talisman
  • Repel Evil and Malevolent Spirits: from you and the space you reside.
  • Bind Hurtful Magick: bind others from being able to send hurtful magick your way.
  • Break Hexes & Curses: break hexes and curses and return them to the sender.

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