Why Choose Omnia Corvus Curiosities?

Our Custom Tailored Services

Professional intuitive metaphysical & event services to help you find the pieces of the puzzle you’ve been looking for.

With all things esoteric being a passion of Lady Lovelace’s, she could no longer deny the calling for her to share this passion with the world. This passion, along with the barrage of signs she received, led her to blaze this trail of Omnia Corvus for you to stumble upon. Through her own research, practice, and the gathering of a few very talented individuals, we create a team of professional soothsayers and magickal engineers ready to help you on your journey to find the best versions of yourself and manifest what you never thought possible.

Want to do the work yourself but need some guidance on what to do or use? We can help with that! Ask our Priestess what your best course of action is with our spiritual guidance sessions or get a completely customized spellcraft kit that is tailored to your specific needs!.

Our Services

The Omnia Corvus Curiosities Shoppe provides an ever growing list of Metaphysical Services to help you reach your full potential and help you gain what it is you seek.

New Client Consultation

New Client Sessions are a highly suggested first step for all new clients of Omnia Corvus’ Magickal Services. Learn More Here

Psychic Readings

Discover what it is you need to know about that situation looming over your head. With our intuitive divination services, let’s build a plan to take on whatever it is that faces you

Custom Spellwork

Tailor-made spellwork designed to manifest your unique desires. Let us build you a customized spellwork plan that helps you gain what it is you seek.

Spiritual Guidance

Metaphysical consultancy and companionship for everyday life. All about helping you work through your tough esoteric questions, pushing you to progress when you feel stuck.