Bundles, Sets, & Kits

Welcome to the Bundles section of the Omnia Corvus Curiosities Shoppe! Do you want to get everything you need already picked out and bundled together for you? Do you want all the ingredients and altar supplies you need to carry out your own magickal works gathered in an easy to use box? Perhaps you need a set of crystals for a specific purpose? Allow the Omnia Corvus Curiosities team hand select you the best materials and gemstones to keep you full stocked to handle your specific needs. Kits and sets make perfect gifts for your favorite witchy people.
All of our crystal, gemstone, and altar supply products are cleansed upon arrival at our shop using a smoke bath and put away in our inventory. Once you have chosen the products set that speak to you, we place the pieces immediately into a selenite bowl pending packaging to make sure the pieces are fully cleansed and charged before it heads your way!
Every moon cycle, we take our jewelry and stone inventory and place it into the full moon’s light to cleanse and charge it as well. We pull all the stops to make sure your piece has a beautiful energy base to work with from the moment you open your package.

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