Okay, let’s be real here for a second… Are you tired of the same cookie cutter “love & light” magickal resources out there? You seem more like someone who is in touch with their dark or primal nature. You’re someone who isn’t afraid to do the work and get a little dirty while doing it, right? Some of you might even appreciate a good “fuck” peppered in every now and again. 😉 If so, The Vampyre Witch: Musings for the Arcane and Profane is the place for you!

Hi there, my name is Jessica Lovelace and I am The Vampyre Witch. As the owner/operator of Omnia Corvus Curiosities and the author of this blog, I welcome you and thank you for being here.

Over the last 19 years I have studied quite a few magickal paths and my work has taught me a great deal. However, I am still learning every day. Being newly initiated into a few new paths and adeptus in several others, It’s come to a point in my practice where sharing what I’ve learned and what I will continue to learn may help others along their journeys. This blog is for people who seek alternative mystical knowledge from out of the box places that hold different-from-the-norm points of view.

The point of this blog is to share real world encounters and reviews with mysticism and witchcraft with an aura of healthy skepticism and practicality. An intermediate’s eye view of the occult community and the systems within.  

What kinds of things can you expect from this Blog?

Under the constant stress and pressure of a never ending pandemic experience, I’m doing my best to get new content made for this blog. What you will come to find here is my thoughts a menagerie of topics but I promise to bring you no-nonsense, bullshit free spiritual content from my own knowledge and real life experiences with vampire culture and magick, other spiritual communities & realms, exploration of books and coursework, altar tools and other accoutrements, and magick out in the wild!

[Full Disclosure: Yes, I edit the release date of this post so it sits at the top of my Featured category. Original release date January 1, 2021]