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As a practicing witch for almost 20 years, my base of knowledge spreads over a vast array of principles. Through my youth as a Wiccan, I learned a strong foundation for my practice but as I grew older, I grew out of Wiccan systems. For many years later as a solitary, I traversed paths that explored Norse Heathenry, Celtic Druidry, Hellenism, Khemeticism, Chaos Magick, and much more. That list grows the more time goes on. This journey has led me to a place where I am now working hard to bring forth resources that view that real vampire through the lens of traditional witchcraft.

As a former special events security leader of over 10 years, I was sworn to guide and protect people through their personal journeys with self expression. Now, as the leader of my own esoteric organizations, I’ve sworn the same oath to the metaphysical community. Through dedicated research, a lot of trial and error, and a practical mindset, I have vowed to share credible information along with my personal experiences with the world through my blog called The Vampyre Witch: Musings for the Arcane and Profane. Here I will share with you a collection of fragments from my decades long journey, both new and old, compiled and immortalized here just for you.